Memorial Day 2018


There was a time when stores were closed and every community had a parade or Memorial Service to honor those who had died in service to the nation. Today Memorial Day is for sales and picnics.

 So many times we are confused about the meaning of Memorial Day. It is not a day for the living but rather a day to honor those who have died in service to their nation.

We Honor The Fallen

4 Paws 2 Freedom salutes the men and women of our Armed Forces who  have given their lives so that we may be free. To us they have passed  the torch of freedom which we cannot let be extinguished.  

Now Hiring Experienced Dog Trainers

Puppy Class begins June 1

Service Dog Refresher Class begings June 5th

This 6 week Service Dog Refresher Class is for graduates who are preparing for re-certification through 4 Paws 2 Freedom.

service dogs

 Dogs and humans have an amazing capacity to work in partnership with each other toward the well being of both. 

Service Dogs for PTSD


Service dogs can help in many ways.
They can be trained to provide a buffer zone between their human and others, recognize repetitive motions, alert to the approach of someone from behind, guide their human to a safe place,interrupt nightmares and many  other important tasks.

Veterans and First Responders


Service Dog Classes for Veterans are currently being offered for free to qualified teams thanks to the generosity of RRUFF Healing Heroes. We have a limited number of partial and full scholarships available for First Responders.

We are currently taking applications for September 2018 classes.

Dog Training Classes

New products are coming soon!

We need your Help

 Your support will enable us to assist more veterans and first responders  recover from trauma by providing scholarships for life-saving service  dog classes. 

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We are so proud of Tracey DiVita

Marine Veteran Tracey DiVita, a 4 Paws 2 Freedom Student, started a program, Operation Good to Go,  

4 Paws 2 Freedom

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