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Due to the COVID-19 PANDEMIC all of our current and future service dog classes have moved online

We are offering Shelter in Place Activities for you and your dog on our YouTube Channel.

We are also offering Online classes.  These are single 30 minute classes through Zoom where you interact live with a trainer.  Each class is a single topic.  The trainer will watch you and your dog through the Zoom Platform on your smartphone or tablet or laptop computer.  There will be no more than 4 students per trainer.  And the cost is only $15 per 30  minute session!!  Classes and dates are listed below.

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Accepting Applications for Service Dog Classes in Grass Valley and Rancho Cordova.

The course will last at least one year and the online classes meet once a week for one hour.

Dogs will not be able to certify until we are able to gather for classes and work on Public Access Skills.

Help a Veteran or First Responder get a service dog

We can offer our 9 month service dog training classes to Veterans and First Responders at no cost to them thanks to the generous donations of local organizations and individuals.  Your donation makes a difference and supports Veterans and First Responders in a 60 mile radius of Sacramento.

Pay with PayPal or a debit/credit card

new Grad school on Mondays

We are starting a new Grad School Class starting on Monday May 11 at 1pm on Zoom.  Please fill out the Graduate Update below and we will get you enrolled in the class.  You will need a smart phone, computer or tablet that has a camera and microphone. 

Stress Mitigation Dogs

For Active Police Officers - This program will be going online shortly. Watch for updates!!


Day after day, officers see the worst of humanity; absorb the world's negativity; and then come home to their families. 

Law enforcement officers respond to and witness some of the most tragic events that happen in our communities. On-the-job stress can have a significant impact on their physical and mental well-being, which can accumulate over the course of a career. Many officers struggle with alcohol abuse, depression, suicidal thoughts, post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and other challenges.

In the face of long term exposure to emotional pain, fear and stress, people often need to numb their feelings in order to continue doing their work. Conversations disappear, sleeping patterns change, drinking might increase and family (unless they are also an officer or dispatcher) become “outsiders” and are often  pushed away because they can’t understand what the officer is going through.   


Stress Mitigation Dogs can help by breaking the cycle . Dogs can help ground a person in ways as simple as leaning against them or laying down on them. This process of grounding is very effective in helping people  regroup and get past their anxiety. Once the person is feeling more centered and able to relax, the play begins. Through activity and play the stressors of the day can be released. The dogs are taught a variety of different interactive games to play with their person. These games involve varying degrees of exercise to burn off angst.

This online class is being offered free to first responders, thanks to the generous support of RRUFF Healing Heroes.

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Service Dogs


 Dogs and humans have an amazing capacity to work in partnership with each other toward the well being of both. 

Service Dogs for PTSD


Service dogs can help in many ways.
They can be trained to provide a buffer zone between their human and others, recognize repetitive motions, alert to the approach of someone from behind, guide their human to a safe place,interrupt nightmares and many  other important tasks.

Classes are free for Veterans and First Responders. We offer classes for civilians with PTSD  for $2,500.  If you are interested, please click on APPLY and complete and submit your application.  We will contact you to get you started on the admission process.  

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