My Name is Vivian


  • I am 6 months old
  • I am 1/4 schnauzer and 3/4 standard poodle (I guess that makes me a schnoodle?)
  • My favorite toy is the multi squeaker, squeaky toy
  • My favorite treat is a bully stick - actually, I like all sticks!!
  • I now weigh 45 pounds!



  • I know  the "sit" command (I really like it when I get praised for sitting)
  • I have learned nose touch, sit, down, I am working on walking nicely on a leash but I still get excited when I see children.  They are so much fun!
  • I know how to visit appropriately
  • I am learning to work with different people.
  • I know the "place" command.
  • I know the "stay" command
  • I know the positions "front" and "side"

New Adventures


  • I went on a sleep over last week.  I spent 4 days away from home!  Boy, did I have fun!!
  • I went on a March at the Capitol! 
  • I got to snooze on a new doggie bed!
  • I am back home again now, boring....