Finding the Right Service Dog Candidate


What to look for in a Service Dog candidate:


Outgoing loves people and enjoys new experiences

Has the ability to calm can be active and busy but is happy to settle at your feet when you sit down

Has the ability to be energized can be a quiet dog, but also is happy to get up and do things when you do. Is not sluggish and moves readily when you get up and move around.

Wants to be with you. Follows you around.

Adult size will be between the weights of 25 pounds and 80 pounds. Dogs that are too small will get stepped on and dogs that are too big are difficult to manage in many places. Both will limit you instead of giving you more independence.

Eager to please


You DO NOT want a dog that is:

Timid, shy, jumpy or that is fearful of sounds, sights and new experiences

Submissive or excitement urinates, even if it is a puppy. Not all dogs outgrow this behavior.

Does not like kids

Is obsessed with chasing cats or kills cats


Dog Reactive barks, growls or lunges at other dogs on leash

Not healthy or has a disability itself

Protective or possessive


We evaluate all dogs before admitting them into our program. Please be sure that where ever you get your dog or puppy from understands that you are searching for a service dog, not a pet, and that the dog/puppy must be able to pass our criteria in order to enter our training program. Be sure they have a return policy if the dog does not work out.


It takes a minimum of 48-72 hours before a dog settles into and becomes comfortable in a new environment. Until that time, it is difficult to know who your dog is and how he or she is going to fit into your household.